A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Three months ago, you met a girl named Joyce on a dating application. She wants to go on a date with you... but everything isn't gonna go as expected!

Game by 

Clement Cairon 

Game Designer, Level Designer, Programmer, Lighting artist & Sound Designer

@ClementCairon on Twitter

Lucas Grillet

3D Artist, Shader Artist, 2D Artist, Environment Artist & Prop Designer

@en_moufles on Twitter

Ludum Dare link :


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Install instructions

Download the rar file and export it

Launch Encounters.exe


WindowsEncounters.zip 39 MB
MacEncounters.zip 43 MB
Linux_Encounters.zip 58 MB


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really nice little game, especially for a Ludum dare. i liked the art style and really like the music.

Really fun video, and you did all the quests in the best order, good game ;)

just played it and made a video about it. Nice work man! 

heres a link if you want to check it out (you dont have to)

Thanks, pretty funny!


Loved it! +1 for the Rick and Morty reference ;)

Thanks a lot! :D